Monday, September 14, 2009

Technological challenges

Well now that everyone knows I am someones mother and have (4) grandchildren, how can I really say what I'm thinking.  Just think of me as another human being full of great stuff and faults. I cry when I laugh and find it hard to laugh when I cry.

Oh, about today, up at 8:45 a.m. and already disgusted with the lawnmowers running outside, debris blowers, shrub clippers and all the hoopla that goes with property maintenance. Oops, the 'phone, I answer only to find the caller gone. I'm hitting the wrong buttons. Then I deleted the caller. It was the landlord. I need coffee; phew, now I can figure out what I'm doing wrong with this new cell 'phone and come to a conclusion as to why I delete all my callers when I end a call.

I'm thinking, oh, I do have his number. "Hi Paul, sorry, we are playing 'phone tag." I'm not telling him what I did.

Dang, I have to read the instruction book. I don't learn too well reading. It's hands on for me. Push, push those buttons, but I'll read it. I'm thinking, no one will ever know how stupid I feel except for people reading my blog. Oh please, don't feel bad for this grandma; she gets to sleep late and have sweet dreams about her family.


  1. To get a little more Technical on you, you should connect your blog up with Facebook on "networked blogs" so that your Facebook friends know you have posted something new and they can come read how funny you are!

  2. welcome to the wonderful wacky world of blogging....
    and we all have "those" kind of days!! :)

  3. I try and try every day to stay up on the technology because I know that by the time my son (who is only 9 right now) is a teenager I may be completely lost.

    Keep up the blog! I'm loving it.