Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Tuesday #1


It's time again for some Random Thoughts!!
Yesterday while grocery shopping I saw my first masked shopper.  It made me wonder does she have H1N1 or was she afraid of getting it. It became obvious to me (duh) since she was walking around gathering goodies for her basket that she must be afraid of us, the other aliens walking around. It sure looked creepy. A scary thought, will we all have to wear masks someday for protection against disease? Also, will we all have to become pistol packin' Mommas again for self protection? Got ME thinking.
Birthdays, early in December; just glad  I don't have to host a party.  I can't even get my head wrapped around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Also, I had the boob squeeze and this time they marked a mole with a red circled tape . Wen I got dressed  I saw a  red spot and really believed I was bleeding because she squeezed me so darn hard. I took a second look and remembered,  I have a mole, there was no blood, only a red marker. I had visions of going to the Operating Room.

The sun is out, it's bright, it's warm and I definitely need a 20 minute dose. I'm going out.

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  1. There are people who walk around with a mask for no reason- like this wacky lady down the street from me :)

    Have a great RTT

  2. There's a guy in our apartment complex who I saw driving with a doctor's mask on. It's just plain creepy.

    Glad your boob squeeze went well. Another year to be thankful for.